Midway, Utah Summer Events

Midway, Utah is such a lively and fun place to live. With all the activities within an arms reach, everybody is bound to find enjoyable things to do all year round. Here are a few events we think you and your family are sure to enjoy throughout

3-8-2017 (24)

Home Organization For Your Entryway

There’s nothing worse than walking into your home and having a cluttered entryway. With shoes, jackets, umbrellas and everything else you may need right by the door for convenience, why not organize and add storage at the same time?  There are


Shoe Organization Ideas

Let’s figure out how to tame that shoe explosion in your closet. Whether you have 20 pairs of shoes or 200, it’s essential to store them properly if you want them to feel, look, & work as good as new. Here are some shoe storage